As you probably know, I’m adamant that donuts are nothing short of an angelic creation.  That’s an objective fact.

It follows, then, that one of my top concerns of shifting continents was the donut availability factor.  A low donut availability factor could, in large part, prevent me from moving. Anywhere.

Before arriving in Seoul, I had the good donut luck of spending almost one month in donut-rich Los Angeles.  Here was my favorite stand, California Donuts — as you can tell, they do not fuck around with their donuts:

So, I’ve found some donuts in Seoul.  Shockingly, I ran into NYC’s Doughnut Plant in Seoul on my second day here; I’m only aware of one location in the United States (i.e., Lower East Side of Manhattan).  But, naturally, they’re here in Seoul, too?!:

A terrible photo, yes.  But, I made up for such deficiency by dominating a delicious cinnamon roll.  I don’t think the Korean donut employees had ever seen such donut domination by a customer.  Obviously, I finished it before paying for the donut.

Make sure to try their creme brulee donut in NYC.

Anyways, I then stumbled into a Dunkin Donuts in Seoul, which had some “interesting” creations:

More to come…


4 Responses to “Angels”

  1. Furley Says:

    Those angels are making me horny. I’m a little weirded out by the glazed turfs though

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhhhhh donut………..

  3. bibi Says:

    I would love to try the Olive Chewisky, but the rice stick looks like a burned Italian sausage drizzled with icing…YUK!

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