June 6, 2010

It’s unclear whether the third item listed for disposal would qualify this receptacle as technologically superior to western garbage bins.

On the contrary, this has to be the most exquisite depositing device ever…


Thus Spoke I

June 2, 2010

I know, I know: I came out guns-blazin’ with my first set of blog posts, and then disappeared into Asian Air.  Well, as far as I know, there are two legitimate reasons for such absence:

1.  I adjusted horribly to the time zone difference, which was exacerbated by my habitual 4 hour “power” naps after work.  Indeed, “waking up” at 930pm was not productive.

2.  I fell ill to some bacterial infection in my stomach.  The theory is that I got it from drinking tap water, despite governmental guarantees that said water is safe.  Most Koreans laughed at me when informing them that I drank the tap water, signaling a distrust of the government at-large (more on that in future posts) and lack of regard for my stomach’s well-being.

Now, these would be reasonable – perhaps, expected – circumstances one would encounter when shifting continents.  But, I know that my prolonged absence derives from much deeper, existential origins….

Specifically, I’ve been struggling, morally, about the following issue:  is my blog objectifying bibimbaps in a cruel and unjust manner?  Should the sanctimonious bibimbap be subjugated in such a manner by me to my reading public? Quite simply, am I degrading the beloved bibimbap?

I’m not sure.

But I did arrive at the following conclusions:

1.  I don’t want to be another blogging douchebag that takes pictures of his food everywhere, and throws it up on the web.  Conveniently, this decision will protect both the bibimbap’s sanctity and my personal humanity in public.

2.  I reserve the right to take pictures of extraordinary bibimbaps (and other foods), but only the kind that makes your knees buckle.

Clearly, the bibimbap community at-large would be agreeable with such crisp conculsions.

In turn, I think this revised strategy will work out well for all of us.  And now, I can start the Overman (!) blogging again…


May 29, 2010

Who doesn’t crave the following combo: a right-hand jab to the face and a nice piece of dim sum immediately after?

Jackie Chan’s restaurant in Seoul has appropriately cornered the market for this type of demand…

Random Shots & Thoughts

May 29, 2010

It blends in so well, doesn’t it?

A glorious bibimbap for two!

While shopping in the supermarket, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my former Korean University has branched into other subsidiary businesses.

These are prominently placed in the subway stations.  Language barrier becomes an issue: clearly, I am totally fucked if these ever become necessary.

A Moment of Hate

May 29, 2010

I can’t even bring myself to enter this knock-off establishment…

A Moment of Silence

May 29, 2010

For you-know-who…

Like Wine

May 29, 2010

I mean, why shouldn’t fruit ordinarily be sold in this manner at your local supermarket?

Exchange rate, roughly $1 = 1,100 Won.  See prices in photo.


Or, for your heavy-hitting apples:


May 29, 2010

As you probably know, I’m adamant that donuts are nothing short of an angelic creation.  That’s an objective fact.

It follows, then, that one of my top concerns of shifting continents was the donut availability factor.  A low donut availability factor could, in large part, prevent me from moving. Anywhere.

Before arriving in Seoul, I had the good donut luck of spending almost one month in donut-rich Los Angeles.  Here was my favorite stand, California Donuts — as you can tell, they do not fuck around with their donuts:

So, I’ve found some donuts in Seoul.  Shockingly, I ran into NYC’s Doughnut Plant in Seoul on my second day here; I’m only aware of one location in the United States (i.e., Lower East Side of Manhattan).  But, naturally, they’re here in Seoul, too?!:

A terrible photo, yes.  But, I made up for such deficiency by dominating a delicious cinnamon roll.  I don’t think the Korean donut employees had ever seen such donut domination by a customer.  Obviously, I finished it before paying for the donut.

Make sure to try their creme brulee donut in NYC.

Anyways, I then stumbled into a Dunkin Donuts in Seoul, which had some “interesting” creations:

More to come…

Just Like Home

May 29, 2010

As soon as I feel any semblance of homesickness, it’s comforting to know that I can immediately dart around a corner to such an iconic and familiar type of American establishment.  God Bless America…

UPDATE: I still have no fucking clue what this place is.

I’ll Bite…

May 5, 2010

As most of you know, I was hesitant about putting up a blog for many reasons.

Yet, I was pleasantly surprised by how many of you requested, adamantly, that I do this.

So eff it: here it is…

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